How to Identify Snapdragons


As you plan an annual flower garden, do not overlook the simple and old-fashioned beauty of snapdragons. Children find these flowers fascinating because you can squeeze the blossoms gently to encourage them to open wide. Not only are snapdragons lovely growing in the garden, but they add a beautiful touch to cut arrangements as well. Experience the beauty of snapdragons and learn to identify snapdragons.

Step 1

Examine the blossoms of a snapdragon closely. Snapdragon blossoms may be white, yellow, pink, red or maroon (but never blue or violet). The blooms grow in clusters along the tops of the stems of these flowers. Snapdragon flowers open slowly as the flowers bloom to reveal blossoms that move to open and close.

Step 2

Look for dwarf snapdragon varieties that range between 6 and 15 inches in height. Middle-sized snapdragons range between 15 and 30 inches in height. Tall snapdragons may reach as high as 4 feet tall.

Step 3

Notice that snapdragon foliage is a vibrant green color. The leaves are narrow and pointed, and they grow up and down the entire flower stem to cover the stems with attractive foliage.

Step 4

Find snapdragons growing prolifically in sunny flower gardens. They typically bloom during the entire growing season. Gardeners often stake the taller varieties to keep them erect in a flower garden.


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