How to Grow Tabletop Vegetables


Patio tables are an ideal space for the tiniest gardens. Tabletop vegetable gardens are mixed planters containing vegetables that either grow small naturally or are hybridized to grow much smaller than they would normally. With a variety of tiny vegetables growing in the same container, you can have the ingredients for a fresh salad every day all from the same planter. These gardens are attractive, take up little space and are easy to care for.

Step 1

Design your garden on paper just as you would a full-sized garden in the yard. Imagine the surface of your planter as a small landscape, and plan what vegetables will fit in your space. Fit in the greatest variety possible for the most attractive garden.

Step 2

Put an inch of gravel or broken plant pots in the bottom of the planter to help with drainage. This bottom layer will help prevent water from pooling in the bottom of the planter, which is bad for roots.

Step 3

Fill the planter with commercial potting soil, stopping when the surface of the soil is 1 inch from the top of the planter. Water the planter thoroughly with a liquid fertilizer solution. Soak the soil until the water runs out the bottom of the planter, and then let the planter drain for 15 minutes or until no more water comes out.

Step 4

Use an old spoon as a miniature shovel to plant your container garden. Arrange your plants and seeds in a pleasing pattern. Add more potting soil on top of the seedling roots if it is needed.

Step 5

Place your planter in a sunny location. The best planter locations get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Arrange the planter so that the wind does not blow on it constantly, as this will dry out the plant quicker and you will need to water it more often.

Step 6

Water your planter at least once daily. Turn the planter each day after you water it so that different sides of the plants get sunlight on them. Feed the plants with liquid fertilizer every four weeks.

Step 7

Harvest your vegetables when they are small and tender. Keep harvesting the produce every two or three days to keep the plants producing.

Tips and Warnings

  • Small planters are less forgiving than large garden plots, so make sure to check your planter at least once a day to see whether it needs water or other attention.

Things You'll Need

  • Gravel or broken pottery
  • Plant container
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Spoon
  • Seedlings and seeds


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Who Can Help

  • Commercial Small Garden Seeds
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