How to Do Concrete Edging


People install edging around trees or flowerbeds to separate them from the rest of the lawn. A variety of material such as wood, rocks, concrete, plastic and metal are used for landscape edging. Concrete edging stands out and gives the lawn a manicured look. It also serves as a natural barrier, preventing weeds or grass from growing there. Pre-cast concrete edging blocks in different shapes and designs are easily available from home department stores. With a few tools in hand, any gardener can do concrete edging around his or her flowerbeds.

Step 1

Mark the area where you will install concrete edging with powdered chalk or a garden hose. Make it straight or curved, as desired. Put your pre-cast concrete edging blocks on the ground close to you.

Step 2

Measure the blocks with a measuring tape and dig a trench over the line. Make it equally wide but an inch shorter in length than the edging, so the blocks protrude above the ground line. Use a shovel for large blocks and collect the dirt in mounds next to you.

Step 3

Level the base of the trench with a trenching shovel or flat spade. You can also place a flat and even length of lumber on the base and tamp it with a mallet.

Step 4

Spread 2 inches of sand on the base of the trench. Level it with a hand trowel so it lies flat and even. Mist it lightly so it settles in place.

Step 5

Lower a concrete block in a corner of the trench. Place another block next to it, making sure the tongue of the previous block fits into the groove of this one for a tight fit. Continue this process for the length of the flowerbed. Place a carpenter's level horizontally against the top of your concrete edging as you install it to make sure it is even. Make necessary height adjustments by removing or adding soil in the trench before lowering it in place.

Step 6

Step back to review your work. Walk the length of the edging to make sure the tops are level and in line with each other. Backfill any gaps between the concrete edging and trench and tamp it down to remove air bubbles.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Powdered chalk or garden hose
  • Pre-case concrete edging blocks
  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Trenching shovel
  • Sand
  • Hand trowel
  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Carpenter's level


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