Western Planter Decorating Ideas

Decorating your outdoor entryways and gardens is not only a way to take care of your plants, but also a way to express yourself to guests and onlookers. Incorporating the western theme into planters allows you to showcase your favorite decor items outside. If you have a western theme to your home or outdoor area, adding western-themed planters will help add stylish flair while accentuating your favorite plant groupings. Recycling the planters rather than buying new will help boost creativity and keep things eco-friendly.

Cowboy Boot

A cowboy boot offers a great way to transform something that otherwise would get thrown out into a flower planter. The more weathered and worn the boot is, the better. This look is most appealing with a larger boot that is well-worn to give it character and charm. If the boot has metal spurs or buckles, feel free to leave them intact. To begin this look, make sure the bottom of the boot has irrigation holes or slits so that water does not build up. Fill the toes of the boot with a plastic or paper bag to add support. Add potting soil until it reaches about 2 inches from the top. Compact and trailing annuals work best for this type of planter. Choose geraniums or dwarf mums for full sun areas. Add a trailing vinca vine or ivy for visual interest. Trailing petunias also work well if the boot is being nailed or attached to a tree or railing.

Coal Haul

A coal haul is reminiscent of the pioneer era. Coal hauls can be found easily in most antique shops or estate auctions for under $50. Most are in a natural metal color or painted black. Their shape, with one end beveled and a handle attached makes them a great choice in which to plant flowers. To make this look western, fill the coal haul up with soil and add plants. Succulents add a more desert or western look to the planter. Sedum autumn joy, hens and chickens and flowering cabbage create a great compact look that can be placed next to other western gear or at the entry way of a barn.


An old wooden wagon is a great way to show off your love for the western theme. These wagons can be as small as a child's wagon that's only a couple feet long to a large horse wagon that's several feet long. For a small wagon, you can plant a miniature herb garden inside by creating a paper bag liner and adding topsoil. Include mint, lavender or chives that can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. Place in a sunny location near your kitchen entryway for easy access. Larger wagons make great vegetable container gardens. Simply add a plastic liner and then a few layers of topsoil. Add some of your favorite compact vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbage and broccoli.

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