How to Kill Kikuyu Grass


Gardeners with kikuyu grass invading their landscaping areas often escalate eradication methods in the process of trying to overcome this invasive weed. Kikuyu grass is one of the most virulent and fast-spreading weeds, and it can quickly take over a lawn to the point where you see nothing but kikuyu grass. Because of the way kikuyu grass spreads, manual and mechanical methods of eradication are largely ineffective. Applying glyphosate to the invaded area may be your only effective option. Be forewarned, however: glyphosate is a nonselective herbicide, and it will kill your desirable turf grass as well.

Step 1

Mow the area with kikuyu using the lawn mower. Mow the grass as short as possible.

Step 2

Apply the glyphosate, marketed as Roundup and similar products, generously and thoroughly to the kikuyu area as quickly after mowing as possible. Mowing often stimulates the kikuyu seeds to reseed themselves, so you need to interrupt this process with the glyphosate.

Step 3

Monitor the application area to see the effect of the glyphosate. You should see the kikuyu grass visibly yellow and wither within 48 hours. It is likely that you will have to reapply the glyphosate several times to kill the kikuyu grass completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower
  • Glyphosate spray


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