How to Store Dried Flowers


Drying flowers is a way to capture their natural beauty and freeze it in time so they will always look that way. Dried flowers do become delicate and brittle through the drying process, so take extra care with them. If you don't plan on displaying your dried flowers right away, store them away for the right occasion.

Step 1

Lay a sheet of newspaper on a flat surface. If you have a large bouquet of flowers, you'll need another piece of newspaper or two.

Step 2

Place the flowers on the newspaper and roll them up into it.

Step 3

Fold the ends over so that the flowers are completely wrapped in the newspaper. Use tape to secure loose edges of newspaper.

Step 4

Place the wrapped flowers gently into a box. Make sure that the box is big enough as you don't want to have to force them into the box and destroy them.

Step 5

Place the box in a cool, dry place and make sure not to set anything on top of them.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Box


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