How to Plant an Oklahoma Redbud


The Oklahoma redbud, or cercis reniformis, grows predominantly in states like Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The colorfully blooming tree prefers humus-rich soil, moisture and warm summers. Growing an Oklahoma redbud as part of your home landscape can be simple, with proper maintenance and preparation.

Step 1

Obtain rooted tree cuttings from a healthy Oklahoma Redbud tree, or order them from a reliable source, such as an online plant retailer.

Step 2

Fill the planter box with a mixture of 1/4 kitchen compost and 3/4 potting soil. Make a burrow in the center of the soil approximately 7 inches deep, and place the rooted side of the Redbud tree cutting into the burrow.

Step 3

Push soil into the burrow around the plant to stabilize it into the planter. Make a slight mound of soil, approximately 3 inches high, around the plant.

Step 4

Give the Oklahoma Redbud about 2 gallons of water per week until it is mature enough to be transplanted into your yard. Oklahoma redbud trees take approximately three years to mature.

Things You'll Need

  • Large planter box (approximately 2 ft deep)
  • Potting soil
  • Rooted cuttings from an Oklahoma Redbud tree
  • Kitchen compost


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