How to Make a Gift With a Flower


Transform flowers from your garden into a handmade gift sure to brighten the recipient's day. This project makes use of dried flowers, which become thinner when pressed and then look lovely against the backdrop of candlelight. Show off some of your best flowers by preserving them in a glowing floral candleholder. You might like it so well you'll end up making two, so you can keep one for yourself.

Step 1

Cut fresh flowers suitable for pressing. When the flowers are no longer damp, cut off blemishes. Easy-to-press flowers include pansies, daisies, dranesbill, larkspur, bougainvillea, Queen Anne's lace and baby's breath. Any of these work well as dried gifts.

Step 2

Lay the flowers on sheets of paper. Avoid overlapping flower parts to the extent desirable and practical. Spread any leaves flat. Place a second piece of paper over the top to sandwich the flowers between paper inside a large book. Make sure the paper fits inside the book completely. If you have more than one sheet full of flowers to press, leave at least 1/8 inch of book pages between the next set of flowers for pressing.

Step 3

Put a stack of books (at least two or three heavy ones) on top of the flower-laden book. Leave the flowers for about two weeks. Check your flowers. If they are stiff and dry, they are ready to use.

Step 4

Tear tissue paper into pieces about an inch or so square. Brush the outside of the candleholder with decoupage solution. Arrange the pressed flowers on the candleholder. Brush on more decoupage, making sure you cover the flowers. Put overlapping pieces of tissue paper all around the votive candleholder.

Step 5

Allow the candleholder to dry completely. Add a votive candle and wrap up your handmade floral gift.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers
  • Sheets of plain paper
  • Large heavy books
  • Clear glass votive candleholder
  • Decoupage solution
  • Foam brush
  • Tissue paper


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