Autumn Flower Bouquets


Some of the best, most long-lasting and colorful flowers are available during the fall, whether you purchase them at a store or pick them from your own garden for a bouquet. Autumn also offers you an array of foliage and berries to add to your bouquet and some fun and unusual container ideas. Once you let your creativity and imagination go, the possibilities are endless.

Autumn Flower Bouquets are Unique

Several components in an autumn flower bouquet make them unique. Fall flowers are bright, bold and colorful. In the autumn, there is an abundance of berries, fruits, nuts, grasses and foliage to combine with the flowers. Your creativity can go wild to create attractive autumn bouquets.

Autumn Flowers from Your Garden

Autumn flowers in your garden can make wonderful bouquets. Many of your fall blooms are perennials with strong stems to support the large flower heads. This means your bouquet may last longer than bouquets made from more delicate blooms of summer. Some of the more popular flowers from your garden in autumn are chrysanthemums, sunflowers, hydrangeas, calla lilies, daisies and roses.

Autumn Flowers to Buy

You do not need to grow your own flowers for an autumn bouquet. Visit your local florist and select a variety of blooms to create your bouquet or add to the blossoms from your garden. Instead of keeping with the common fall color palette of warm hues of yellow, orange, red, burgundy and rust, add deep blues and purple with delphinium, asters, and anemones.

Autumn Bouquet Ornaments

Now the fun begins in creating an autumn bouquet. Mix in with your fall flower selection the unique natural ornaments only available in the fall. Some great ornaments to add to your bouquet are rose hips, red or black aronia berries, orange pepper berry, flaming pyracantha, cranberries, and blue privet berry. Colorful leaves from your trees and bushes add variety and blend better with autumn flowers than common greenery. Natural and ornamental grasses can be used instead of or with leaves. Fall fruits such as pomegranates, persimmons, grapes and nuts tucked within your autumn blossoms will enhance your autumn bouquet.

Autumn Flower Containers

Because fall flowers tend to be of more earthy color tones, autumn floral bouquets displayed in woven baskets, particularly baskets made of vines or wood, will accent your blooms. Hollow out a pumpkin or winter squash with a flat bottom, place a vessel inside to hold water, and you will have an eye-catching bouquet in a unique container.

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