How to Trim a Boston Fern


Gardeners who enjoy houseplants often include a Boston fern in a warm and humid area indoors. When you provide your Boston fern with the proper environment, it will thrive and grow happily for years as a full and beautiful green houseplant. Unfortunately, yellow and brown fronds are almost inevitable with Boston ferns. When fronds begin to discolor, simply trim a Boston fern to keep it healthy and attractive.

Step 1

Trim only the tips of the leaves, using the scissors, if they are just starting to turn yellow or brown. Trim away only the discolored portion of the leaves.

Step 2

Pick off an entire leaf from the leaf stem if the entire leaf is discoloring. A scissors is not necessary to sever the entire leaf from the stem at the point where the leaf connects--simply remove the leaf with your fingers.

Step 3

Trim away an entire leaf stem if the majority of leaves on the leaf stem are discoloring. Use the scissors to cut off the leaf stem just above the soil level.

Step 4

Keep your Boston fern attractive by removing the yellowed and browned leaves as they occur. Your Boston fern will look neat and healthy.

Things You'll Need

  • Boston fern
  • Scissors


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