How to Plant a Garlic Clove


Garlic has a distinct pungent flavor that adds great depth to almost any dish. Regular garlic users should consider growing it themselves. A single bulb of garlic can produce up to 20 cloves that grow into new garlic plants, making it a self-sustaining food. Garlic is best when planted in late fall after the harvesting season for summer plants. This plant does well in almost all types of soil and is a natural repellent to certain insects. Once the clove is planted, it requires very little maintenance until harvesting season.

Step 1

Choose a spot in your garden with fertile soil and full sun exposure.

Step 2

Dig a hole 1 inch deep with a garden shovel. Space each plant 4 inches apart if you want to plant more than one clove.

Step 3

Peel off the skin from the garlic clove. Place the garlic clove in the hole with the pointed side facing up. Fill in the hole with soil.

Step 4

Water the garlic daily to keep the soil moist. Cease watering when the ground freezes over.

Step 5

Resume watering the clove plant when spring comes and the ground thaws. Keep the soil damp but never soggy.

Things You'll Need

  • Garlic clove
  • Garden shovel


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