Wild Flower Seed Mixes

Wildflower seed mixtures offer gardeners with a lot of space an economical way to plant flowers. Many can be purchased in bulk at little cost, compared to buying each type of seed in single packets. There's a seed mix available for every growing condition.

Hummingbird Seed Mixtures

Typically, hummingbird seed mixtures contain colorful and nectar-rich flowers such as larkspur, coreopsis, columbine, lupines, red flax and coneflowers. Most of the mixtures available grow best in full sun. When a gardener is trying to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, it is wise to choose perennials and annuals that reseed themselves reliably. When hummingbirds encounter a desirable food source, they will return year after year.

Field Seed Mixtures

When choosing wildflowers for large plots of land such as a field, many people opt for inexpensive varieties that come back every year. Coneflower, aster, daisies and crown vetch are prolific and provide food and cover for various creatures. All of these plants grow their best in full sun and are drought tolerant when established.

Cutting Garden Seed Mixture

Cutting gardens are popular for good reason. They offer the chance to bring your garden indoors as well as giving gardeners a product to sell. There are seed mixtures that contain plants suitable for cutting. A well-balanced seed mixture will include shasta daisies, aster, baby's breath, marigolds, dianthus and cornflowers. There are many varieties of plants in these mixes; it all depends on the company ordered from and what they include.

Fragrant Garden Mixture

Just as the name implies, this type of mixture is made for its wonderful scent. Common plants used are violets, fragrant herbs, dianthus, jasmine, meadowsweet, pansies, soapwort and sage. This type of garden can be used for making perfume and other cosmetics as well as for aromatherapy applications. Another wonderful asset of this type of mixture is its tendency to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and honeybees.

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