Mediterranean Home Landscaping Ideas

Complement your Mediterranean-style home with Mediterranean-style landscaping. It is a design style that is interpreted in slightly different ways, but tends to feature relaxing outdoor rooms, lush, fragrant vegetation and the soothing sound of trickling water. Because the Mediterranean climate is so mild, most landscaping in this style features several different seating areas, or outdoor rooms. Some of these are designed for entertaining groups of people and others consist of a solitary stone bench beneath the shade of an arbor covered with a grapevine or a flowering vine.

Plant Choices

Grow the wide variety of Mediterranean herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil. Plant fruit and nut trees, whether standard or dwarf size. Feature bush or climbing roses, grapevines and other flowering vines. Plant vegetables in decorative beds with a geometric flair.


Line pathways with gravel or pave with natural stone. Terraces or patios should be constructed using natural stone (never wood). Feature classic statuary and bird baths made of marble or other stone. A classic Mediterranean outdoor garden element is to feature a large mosaic on a wall as a backdrop to the garden or patio.

Garden Structures

Pepper your Mediterranean-style home landscape with arbors, trellises or pergolas to support grapevines, climbing roses and other flowering vines. Include a water element in the form of a fountain, whether freestanding or hanging on a wall. Use wrought iron or unfinished teak or other exotic wood furnishings. Choose earth-toned colors in either bright or muted tones, depending on your personal taste.

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