Which Plants Grow Best Indoors?

Your home possesses many micro-climates, from humid, warm shower areas to drafty places near air conditioner vents. Given the range of environments within a home, let alone the range between homes, it's not possible to recommend one or more plants suited perfectly for all situations. Yet, some plants are proven indoor performers.

African Violet

A suitable indoor flowering plant should flower year-round, despite the low light levels found indoors as opposed to outside. An indoor flowering plant must also take to the pot. The African violet qualifies on all counts, and is available in many colors and flower types.


Indoor plants that don't flower are usually grown for their striking foliage. Dieffenbachia, which is also called dumb cane, certainly fits the criteria. The large leaves are variegated, each leaf stretching up to 18 inches long. The plant grows indoors as a small, potted tropical tree that can reach a height of 6 feet tall. Dieffenbachia has toxic sap, stems and leaves.


It's not the leaves or flowers the jade plant is prized for, but the plant's majestic growth habit. The jade looks like a mature, gnarled, branching tree miniaturized for the indoors. Jade plants take well to containers, not even minding being root-bound. They also enjoy the warmth and dryness of common indoor environments. As potted houseplants, they grow to be about 5 feet tall, and live for decades. The jade is a succulent with rounded leaves from which you can grow new plants. Once the plants have lived for many years, they will flower.


Many cacti enjoy indoor environments, especially those of the Notocactus species, a globular form that is easy to grow and produces flowers. Being suited for arid conditions, Notocacti like sun, so a south or west window will suit them best. Cacti need water during the growing season like other plants, though they won't tolerate standing in water. They also enjoy being confined in pots, even slightly root-bound.

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