Kids' Flower Planter Crafts

Terracotta and ceramic planters are versatile design elements for a variety of craft projects. Kids' crafts made from these flower planters include wind chimes, butterflies, people and birdbaths. Kids will enjoy decorating the planters with paint or paint pens and then transforming them into items for the home and garden.

Flower Planter Wind Chimes

A colorful ceramic flower planter makes a distinctive header for a set of wind chimes. Kids can hang just about anything from the inverted planter, using the drainage hole as the opening for the hanger. A strip of 20-gauge craft wire twisted in a spiral larger than the drainage opening with a loop on one end is both the hanger for the chimes and the support for tying on the hanging objects. Fit the spiral inside the inverted flower planter and make a loop on the outside of the opening. Thread one end of a strand of fishing line through or around small objects, and tie the other end around the spiral wire.

Flower Planter People

Another simple craft project kids will enjoy making with flower planters is terracotta pot people. Glue two large pots rim-to-rim to make the body. The arms consist of three small pots stacked one inside the other and hanging on each side of the body. Craft wire works to thread the planters together and to secure them to the drainage opening at the top of the body. The kids can paint a medium-sized flower pot with hair and facial features, then glue it right-side up on the center of the body.

Decorative Flower Planter

Acrylic paints work to decorate plain terracotta pots. The kids can get creative with stencils, stamps and templates to personalize flower pots for individuals or organizations. Flat back rhinestones, glass cabochons, buttons and strips of ribbons are among the embellishments that kids can glue to the pots for added design.

Flower Planter Butterfly

Kids can craft a flower planter butterfly with a single flower planter, a foam ball and some craft foam. Paint a plain terracotta planter in vibrant spring shades for the butterfly's body. The foam ball becomes the head and pipe cleaners the antennae. Cutting the foam in the shape of butterfly wings is easier with a template. When the kids glue the wings to the back of the flower planter, the butterfly becomes apparent.

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