How to Plant Morel Mushrooms


Morel mushrooms, also known as morchella mushrooms, thrive in wooded areas throughout the world. Prized for their delicate flavor and interesting honeycomb texture, morels are considered a delicacy and play a large role in French cuisine. Growing morel mushrooms in your home garden requires preparation of the soil, and time for growth.

Step 1

Prepare the grow box by mixing two parts potting soil to one part fertilizer. Fill the box halfway with the soil mixture.

Step 2

Scatter the morel mushroom spores over the top of the soil in the grow box.

Step 3

Cover the spores with a 1 inch layer of soil and fertilizer mix to shield them from the light.

Step 4

Liberally water the grow box until the soil is black and wet.

Step 5

Cover the grow box with a thick sheet of black plastic, and anchor it down with cinder blocks or other heavy objects to keep it in place.

Step 6

Keep the soil moist by watering it until it is black and wet once a week. Keep the grow box covered with the black plastic, only airing it out when the sun goes down at night. Eventually, the morel mushroom spores will begin to sprout several morel mushrooms throughout the grow box, which will become ripe and edible once they are dark gray to black in color.

Tips and Warnings

  • Morel mushrooms should never be eaten raw, as they contain trace amounts of toxins that can make you feel sick. They should be rinsed and cooked thoroughly.

Things You'll Need

  • Morel mushroom spores
  • Fertilizer (equal parts chicken manure, horse manure and worm castings)
  • Potting soil
  • Grow box or flower planter
  • Thick plastic sheet


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