Types of Flowers & Shrubs

Flowers are categorized as perennials or annuals. Perennial flowers reappear at the beginning of their growing season, while annuals spend one season blooming and then die off. Both types look lovely combined into the garden bed for a striking landscape design. Another type of plant is the evergreen. Characteristically, the foliage of the evergreen remains colorful throughout the winter. Evergreen shrubs, a type of evergreen, have a long lifespan and grow tall for a commanding presence to the landscape.


For a long-lasting flower, plant the perennial. Perennials are tough, hardy flowers that emerge year after year. The colors and variety of perennials are endless and look striking growing in the garden. Perennials like coneflowers and black-eyed Susan's are ideal along a border for height along the landscape. Both perennials also have a billowing form and look beautiful nestled along a garden path for an inviting and colorful addition. Low-growing perennials like verbena creep and meander around the garden with their colorful blooms. Bloom colors of the verbena include red, white, pink and purple. The bright green foliage of the verbena is textured and helps to fill in low spots among a flower bed or border. Ground covers like sedum and candytuft are also ideal perennials to grow along the landscape. Their low, mat-forming mounds are ideal nestled along a rock wall. Candytuft also brings in white flowers that grow in draping clusters.


Annuals are grown as either cool-season or warm-season, based upon their hardiness and soil temperature preference. Annuals are ideal flowers to grow around the landscape for seasonal bright bursts of color. Cool-season annuals include pansies and primrose. Both have a wide range of colors to choose from and look classic tucked along the front of a flower bed or nestled among a flower pot. Cool-season annuals grow best in cool soils and mild spring and fall climates. Cool-season flowers are also extremely hardy and withstand heavy frosts. Cool-seasons flowers like snapdragons thrive in cool weather to add bright bursts of color to the landscape. Warm-season annuals require warm soil temperatures of spring and summer and are typically drought-tolerant. They should be planted after any danger of frost has passed to ensure a healthy plant. Annual flower blooms like zinnia and lantana withstand high summer temperatures and little water, making these beauties a gardening must.


Evergreen shrubs are hardy shrubs that remain with color all season long, including cold, winter months. Evergreen shrubs like arborvitae and boxwood have emerald green foliage that lights up the landscape. They are ideal lining a walkway or along the front of the home for privacy and color. Another evergreen shrub to plant along the landscape is rhododendron. These hardy shrubs add color with their snowball-like blooms. The pink to lilac blooms emerge in the spring and prefer light shade to grow. The dark green foliage contrast with the colorful blooms and turns purplish in the winter, making these evergreens a classic garden addition.

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