Dandelion Weeding Tools

Dandelions in a garden or lawn are a nuisance. Contain the spread by making sure you weed them out before the heads blossom into the white puffs that blow away with the wind. You will not stop them from reappearing just by thwarting the spread, however; you must get to the root of the matter. Special dandelion weeding tools help you get rid of the pesky plant for good.


The dandelion tool you choose to work with should get deep into the soil to reach below the crown of the plant. If you miss the tuber when you weed, it will simply regenerate.


Dandelion weeding tools need a very sharp edge to cut the thick, heavy root system of the plant deep in the soil where there isn't much maneuver room to saw. The most common dandelion weeding tool is a "V" shaped blade that plunges into the earth and cuts in one quick stroke.


Stainless steel is the best material for the shaft of a dandelion weeding tool. Stainless steel resists rust and is very strong. The handle can be wood, plastic or rubber. The best dandelion weeding tool has an ergonomic handgrip to make it easier to hold and control.


Short-handled dandelion weeding tools mean you must kneel on the ground to reach the problem. A short-handled tool is best when there is a thick patch of weeds in one area. For a sparse infestation, a short handle means getting up and down repeatedly over a large distance and is hard on the body. Long-handled weeding tools let you stand and plunge the head into the soil and twist without bending or kneeling.


A popular weeding tool is the torch. It burns off the top of weeds and is quick and easy to use. This is the least effective type of dandelion control since it does nothing for the problem beneath the surface of the soil. It is a great temporary method of getting rid of unsightly plants, though.


Hey, don't throw out those irritating plants. They may be pests but dandelions have many good qualities you can use in your kitchen like other vegetables, herbs, fruits and plants from nature.

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