Ideas on Hillside Landscaping With a Terrace

Make the most out of your sloped land by planting flower-filled terraces. Use perennials blooms to provide long-lasting color while helping to control erosion along the hillside. Hillside gardens filled with creeping ground covers and ornamental grasses help to fill out the space and provide texture to the ground. Along the hillside, meandering pathways can access the terraced garden to provide a resting spot while gardening or to admire your flowers grow.


Low-growing perennials and ground covers help to control erosion along a hillside while providing bright colors and texture to the terraced landscape. A hardy perennial to grow along the hillside are daylilies. These tough perennials are adapted to a wide range of soils and produce a heavy ground cover along the hillside. They are excellent for erosion control while adding color to the space. Virginia creeper, a ground cover, is good to grow along the hillside and terrace because of its large leaves that climb and spread to help with erosion, if needed. Virginia creeper is also drought tolerant and prefers part shade. Another ground cover to grow along the terrace is sedum, also known as stonecrop. Sedum has vibrant green leaves and tolerates most soils. Its spreading, low-growing mat form looks striking along the terraced landscape. Sedum prefers full sun to partial shade to thrive.

Stone Path

Along the sloped landscape, install a stone path to meander through the hillside. Stone paths tucked along the landscape provide easy access to spaces along the terrace and draw you eye into the garden. Stones like flagstone or slate are a good choice because of their flat shape and wide range of sizes. Flagstone and slate can be used for wide or narrow paths and their earth colors blend in with the land for a seamless design. Along the pathway, plant ornamental grasses like New Zealand flax. These tough, drought tolerant grasses help to define the path and provide texture to the space. In between the stones, plant a creeping ground cover like moss or blue star creeper. Both with their creeping capability and bright green foliage trace each stone with its trailing tendrils for a contrasting design.

Water Feature

A trickling water feature along the hillside provides a focal point to the space. Waterfalls can be tucked into the hillside for a serene and cool touch to the landscape. They can be created as wide and long as needed, with large boulders and flat stones, to create a tumbling watercourse along the landscape. At the base of the waterfall, a catch pool circulates the water around. Inside this basin, plant water-loving plants like water lilies for a delicate touch. Along the waterfall feature, add plants like moss and verbena to spill out of the rock crevices for a lush design to the space. Other water-loving plants like ferns and hostas provide bright green color to the space.

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