Types of Flower Arranging

Flower arranging is a practical art used daily in businesses, hotels, hospitals and homes. The ability to arrange flowers attractively is also a craft performed by church chancel workers who dress up altars for Sunday worship. Flowers are arranged in various heights and containers to fit a particular occasion. While a triangle arrangement may be needed for a formal occasion, a looser and less symmetrical design is more suitable for a casual family dinner.

Horizontal Flower Arrangements

Horizontal arrangements are considerably low and are often used for centerpieces for table decorations. This type of flower arranging involves using a shallow container and foam for anchoring flowers, along with glue or anchor pins. One large flower, such as a rose, is placed in the center of the arrangement, serving as the focal point. Enough room should be left for inserting filler flowers and foliage.

Vertical Arrangements

Vertical flower arrangements use flowers with tall stems and leaves such as roses, tulips and carnations. This type of arrangement conveys a look of strength and power. Vertical arrangements usually require a focal point close to the top or rim. Thistles, cattails and twigs are also commonly found in vertical arrangements. To make a vertical arrangement more balanced, shorter fillers such as forget-me-nots are used.

Triangular Arrangements

Triangular arrangements are used for formal functions and often seen in ceremonies. In a triangular design the center contains the tallest flower stem with filler flowers arranged around the center so the arrangement has a triangular shape. The triangle can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. A symmetrical arrangement has all three sides equal, while an asymmetrical one has all three sides unequal, giving it a more casual rather than formal appearance.

Fan-Shaped Arrangements.

Arrangements shaped as fans are generally wider than their height. Flowers with strong and long stems such as esters and gladiolus are used in building this type of design. Smaller and light-colored flowers are placed in outer areas, while brighter and larger flowers are positioned closer to the center to help keep the design visually balanced. This type of floral arrangement is often used by hotel rooms, in addition to buffet or dining tables, according to Hotel Industry Learnhub.

Circular Arrangements

As flowers typically lie in a circular design, a circular flower arrangement is pleasing to a viewer's eye. It's also one of the easiest types of floral arrangements to do. Circular designs are used on buffet or conference tables and when hosting politicians or high executives.

Oval Designs

Oval designs are variations of circular forms with shapes that are elliptical--the two types are oval and pointed oval. Both designs are generally used in formal settings. An oval arrangement is symmetrically balanced and usually one-sided, while a pointed oval is more of an elongated shape. Pointed oval arrangements can also be shaped as tear drops, according to the Artistic Flower Arrangements.

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