Kinds of Grass Edgers

Grass edgers are handy garden tools that create clean lines separating expanses of lawn grass from beds, borders and adjacent hardscape surfaces. They not only save time and backbreaking labor, they bring a degree of precision and polish to a lawn and garden. Grass edgers can be manual or motorized, fueled by gas or electricity. Edgers are human or machine propelled and can run on guide wheels or be held aloft at varying heights.

Manual Hand Edgers

Classic hand tools such as scissor shears, flexible singing or tension shears, spades and straight edge shovels can all be used to create clean lines on turf grass edges. Long handled edgers are drive perpendicular to the soil surface to shear off the excess and create a clean and smooth line.

Motorized Stick Trimmer

Motorized stick edgers have a small motor and rotating cutting blade mounted at the bottom of a long pole and topped with a handle designed to be held with one or two hands. The can have one guide wheel on which the unit rests or they can be held aloft to customize the depth of cut. They are lightweight and compact making them useful in landscaping work.

String Trimmers

String trimmers resemble the stick trimmer in most ways save that in lieu of a metal blade, string trimmers use a rotating plastic or resin whip cord to cut through the grass blades and thatch. The are held in the hand and hovered over the edge to be cut. They are commonly gas powered in order to be powerful enough to cut through the thatch at speed. The cutting cord can wear down quickly when exposed to hardscape but is easily replaced.

Propelled Walking Power Edgers

Similar to a power lawn mower, power edgers are self propelled but guided in direction by the operator who walks behind the wheeled unit. A sharp metal blade rotates to cut the edge at a depth set by a user control. They can be electric or gas powered and are commonly used in settings with larges expanses of edged lawn.

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