How to Trim Apricot Trees


The apricot tree, known botanically as Prunus armeniaca, is a stone fruit tree in the rose family of plants and is closely related to the plum. It produces ripe, harvest-ready fruit in the summer that is eaten fresh, dried and cooked for shelf- stable later use. Apricot trees are pruned once each year to keep the tree healthy and productive. Cosmetic trimming and light pruning can be done anytime throughout the year as needed.

Step 1

Conduct the bulk of annual pruning to maintain apricot tree health and fruit production in the the early spring just as the buds break open. Remove upright sucker growth and up to one-third of the interior branching as needed to maintain a canopy open sunlight.

Step 2

Carry out light cosmetic trimming to remove dead, discolored, diseased or otherwise compromised branches and foliage throughout the growing season as needed. Place cuts down to the point of healthy wood and a 1/4-inch above a leaf node or bud.

Step 3

Trim the tips of branch tips lightly, infrequently and only as needed to prevent the tree from crowding other trees, interfering with adjacent structures or to restore the natural symmetry after damage.

Things You'll Need

  • Secateurs
  • Long handled loppers


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