How to Water a Peach Tree in Winter


Peach trees do not require much attention to grow well. During the spring, summer and fall months, they need water and pruning to ensure a healthy fruit crop. Even though winter is their dormant season, they still need some water to survive. The amount is significantly less than they need the rest of the year, but peach trees still need some nutrients as they prepare for a new crop.

Step 1

Give a peach tree less water just before harvest and as the fruit begins to drop than you do during the growing season. Watering too much during harvest will cause the fruit to have a mushy consistency.

Step 2

Determine how much water the peach tree gets after harvest, using a rainfall meter. If it gets enough rainfall, you can go longer between watering in the winter.

Step 3

Monitor whether it rains less than 10 to 20 mm per week. If so, space watering out to every three days. If the weekly average is between 40 and 50 mm, water the peach tree every four to five days.

Step 4

Give a peach tree between 90 and 240 mm of water weekly if you live in a cool to warm winter climate. If it's hot in the winter, give the tree at least 180 to 320 mm of water each week.

Step 5

Water wider, more mature trees more than smaller trees in the winter. If the root system is expansive, the tree needs more water to thrive.

Tips and Warnings

  • Each peach tree variety has different water needs. Research the type of tree you have to make sure it gets the correct amount of water each winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Rainfall meter


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