How to Water Grass Sod


Installing grass sod rather than seeding a lawn is an instantly gratifying way to create a lush, soft expanse of green grass. To ensure that your sod lawn is healthy, it is important to water it often and well. In fact, you may even have to water the sod before you have laid it onto the ground. It is live grass, after all, and should be kept wet until the roots are well established, which usually takes between two and three weeks.

Step 1

Soak the ground to a depth of three inches 24 hours before you receive the sod.

Step 2

Install the sod as soon as possible after you receive it. If the sod cannot be laid within half a day of receiving it, lay the sod out in a shady area and water it until it is thoroughly wet. Keep it moist until you can install it.

Step 3

Water the sod immediately after laying it out. Stop every 200 feet or so to water what you've done so far. Try to make sure all of the sod gets watered within 30 minutes of being installed.

Step 4

Water the sod every other day for the first two weeks or until the roots have knitted to the soil below. Water enough so that the soil underneath the sod becomes moist. In most locations, one inch of watering each morning will be enough for the sod. Set out a container, such as a tin can, to monitor the amount of watering you have done.

Step 5

Reduce the amount of watering to one inch every week once the roots of the grass have become firmly established. Continue to water once a week or so during the active growing period, but cease watering when the fall rains arrive or if your grass goes dormant (brown) during cooler weather.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering tools (sprinklers or hose)


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