How to Seed Grass & Mulch


The success of seed grass and mulching depends on whether you choose the right grass seed for your area. Check with a local nursery to find out what types of grass grow best in your region. Also take into consideration the type of soil in your yard. Some grass does well in sandy soils, while some will not grow, or if it does, it may become stunted or diseased. Winter grass, such as rye, does well in the winter in the warmer states.

Step 1

Dethatch the ground if it is covered with matted grass and other matter. You can rent dethatchers at your local big-box home improvement store. You can also purchase dethatchers that strap on the bottom of your shoes, though they are time consuming if you have a large yard.

Step 2

Rake the lawn with the iron rake to loosen the soil. Rake the soil until an inch of soil is loose.

Step 3

Spread the seed according to the instructions on the seed package. Most seed spreaders have a dial that changes the quantity of seed spread per square foot. The higher the number on the dial, the more seed is spread per square foot.

Step 4

Rake the seed into the ground using back and forth motions with the rake. Take short strokes so as not to bury the seed too deeply.

Step 5

Water the seed according to the instructions on the package. Most seed needs at least a half hour of watering when first planted.

Step 6

Mulch the seed. You can use various materials to mulch the new grass, but the most common and best mulches are compost or straw. The mulch should not be more than 1-inch thick unless otherwise stated on the grass seed package.

Things You'll Need

  • Dethatcher
  • Iron rake
  • Seed spreader


  • Grass
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