How to Make Flower Leis


Whether you are in Hawaii or desire a tropical Hawaiian touch to embellish your clothing ensemble, a flower lei makes a beautiful complement to any outfit. Choose fresh flowers, either from your own flower garden or from a florist, and string them together to make a flower lei. The finished results will vary, depending upon the flowers you use and their colors.

Step 1

Choose your flower blossoms. Select a variety of colors or use only one color family of blossoms for the lei. Cut the stems flush with the underside of the blossoms so stems do not protrude from the blossoms. Gather the flowers together in a large bowl or basket.

Step 2

Measure approximately 8 feet of dental floss. Thread the end of the dental floss onto the needle and pull the needle to the halfway point on the floss. Tie a triple or quadruple knot approximately 3 inches away from the ends of the dental floss.

Step 3

Insert the needle into the front center of the first blossom. Push the blossom carefully down the dental floss until it stops at the knot.

Step 4

Add the other blossoms one at a time using the same technique. Push the blossoms together along the dental floss without crowding them unnecessarily. Continue threading blossoms to fill the dental floss, and stop adding blossoms when the lei is 40 inches long.

Step 5

Adjust the blossoms along the dental floss to make sure you cannot see dental floss between any blossoms. Add additional blossoms, if necessary, to make the lei measure 40 inches.

Step 6

Clip the dental floss to release the needle and set the needle aside. Join the two ends of the dental floss together tightly so there is no gap of dental floss between the blossoms. Tie the dental floss ends together in a tight double knot. Trim away the tails of dental floss ½ inch away from the double knot.

Things You'll Need

  • Dental floss (waxed and unflavored)
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • 50 flower blossoms (plumeria, lilies, carnations, roses or daisies)
  • Pruning shears
  • Large bowl or basket
  • Long needle


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