Building a Pea Trellis


Peas are a fun and healthy vegetable to grow in a home garden. Since peas are a vine plant, they will grow along the ground and strangle the garden if not trained to grow up a stationary object. One way to solve this problem is to build a pea trellis which allows the pea vine to grow up instead of out. This also allows for easier pea picking, and keeps the vegetation and the harvest free from disease. A pea trellis can be built in a relatively short time in a single day. The example here is for a collapsible trellis which can be set up or removed as the garden season changes.

Step 1

Set up four of the boards to form a square. Set the bottom and top boards so the side edges are flush with the ends of the side boards. Drill screws through the bottom side of the bottom board into the ends of the side boards. Drill screws through the top side of the top board into the ends of the sides at the top end.

Step 2

Use the measuring tape to find the center of the bottom and top of the frame. Mark 1/2 inch on either side of the center point. Set another board between the top and bottom boards at the center, using the markings as a guide. This will be the center brace for the frame.

Step 3

Set one of the wire mesh sections over the frame. Match up the sides and corners of the wire mesh with the frame. Use the stapler to attach the wire mesh with the frame. Staple the corners first to keep the wire mesh in place. Staple roughly every 3 inches on all four sides of the frame to finish attaching the wire to the frame. Staple the wire to the cross beam the same way.

Step 4

Complete the other side to the pea trellis using steps 1 through 3. This will make the two sides of the pea trellis.

Step 5

Turn one side over so the wire mesh is face down and the frame is on top of it. Set three hinges on the top beam at the top of each horizontal board. You should have one hinge on either end and one at the middle. Drill screws through the holes in the hinges to connect them to the frame.

Step 6

Set the other frame above the first frame with the frame boards on top of the wire as in the previous step. Line up the horizontal boards so the sides and middle board match in both frames. Set the upper half of the hinges on the upper frame. Make sure the frames are flush on the sides. Drill screws through the hinge holes into the boards to attach the hinges.

Step 7

Fold the top frame over the bottom frame. Stand up the entire pea trellis and carry it to where you are growing peas. Open the trellis in an ":A" formation over the row where the peas will grow.

Things You'll Need

  • (10) 1-by-1-by-60 inch cedar board
  • (2) 60-by-62 inch wire mesh screens
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver bit
  • 2-inch wood screws
  • Stapler
  • Staples (large enough to fit the wire screen)
  • 3 hinges


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