How to Use a Broadcast Spreader on a Small Irregular Lawn


When the time comes to fertilize the lawn and garden, the best item to have at your disposal is a broadcast spreader. The broadcast spreader is one the most widely used lawn care items. It simplifies the job of fertilizing or seeding. Broadcast spreaders are designed to evenly spread fertilizers or seeds over large areas with minimal effort. The only set-back comes when the area to be covered is not a normal shape. Many lawns and gardens have curves and strange shapes that make the use of a broadcast spreader difficult for some.

Step 1

Fill the spreader with the fertilizer or seed. Make sure to fill the spreader on a solid surface so spills can be easily cleaned up.

Step 2

Begin walking across the area with the spreader in the longest track possible.

Step 3

Toss a golf ball or tennis ball out to the edge of the spreader pattern. This will mark the outer edge of the spreader pattern to prevent overlapping.

Step 4

Shut the feed hole for the spreader as the pattern reaches the edge of the area. Using the feed hole cover to stop the spreader is the most reliable way to control the extent of the spreader pattern.

Step 5

Mark the outer edge of the pattern with another golf or tennis ball at this end.

Step 6

Continue making passes across the area, using the balls to mark the outer edge of the pattern, until the entire area is covered.

Tips and Warnings

  • Overlapping fertilizer passes can cause a stripped look in the grass when the fertilizer takes effect on the grass.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer or seed
  • Two golf balls or tennis balls


  • Michael Johnson, CGSAA certified Golf Course Attendant; Ocean City, MD
Keywords: irregular lawn, broadcast spreader, lawn spreader