Pond Filter Maintenance


Water filtration is important in any pond that contains fish or other wildlife. Biological wastes in the pond create toxins that will harm the animal life. Filters will aerate the water and keep the pond clean. The filters must be regularly maintained to function properly.


Pond filters act as a mini sewage system for the pond. They create helpful bacteria that eliminates toxins.


There are many types and designs of water filters, but the basic setup is the same: They contain filter material through which the pond water must be pumped 24 hours a day.

Time Frame

It takes about five to six weeks for helpful bacteria to build up in the filter material. Therefore, the filter should not be cleaned until water flow is restricted.


The filter material should never be washed in tap water because the chlorine in the tap water will destroy the beneficial bacteria. Pond water should always be used. Bacterial supplements can also be used to improve filter performance.


Clear water does not mean healthy water. Pond water should be periodically tested to detect invisible toxins.


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