Herbs to Grow As Houseplants

Herbs have many uses in both food and medicine. You can easily grow most herbs outdoors, but there are a few herbs which you can grow indoors and use as houseplants. Using herbs this way serves to create decorative features as well as provide instant seasoning or medicinal use when needed. Proper sunlight and watering is essential to maintaining herbs as houseplants.


Basil is good for Italian cooking. To use basil, snip off the required amount for your recipe. Start this herb from seeds directly planted into potting soil of any type of planter. Place the planter in a southern facing window for the best sun. Keep this herb away from drafts. Be careful not to overwater the plant as it can drown easily.


Mint comes in two forms for cooking; peppermint and spearmint. To use mint, clip off a leaf from the plant. You can also use mint leaves in tea or other beverages. This is another plant which needs a good amount of sunlight. Mint also hates drafty conditions and cold weather so you should keep it in a southern window.


This sweet smelling herb is used for its fragrance and is often included as a dried element in sachets and potpourri. To use lavender, snip off pieces and dry them in an oven or on a windowsill. Lavender is best grown in sunlight but does not require as much as basil or mint.


Use dill as a decorative houseplant in any sunny window. This is because of its feather-like foliage. Dill is tasty with egg, fish or chicken. This herb also works well in dips and when making pickles. Dill is good to grow for both the seeds and the plants.


This herb is started from the cuttings of an existing outdoor oregano plant. Set the cutting in a southern facing window where it can get the most sun. Use oregano for Italian and Mexican dishes. You can also use this herb for its smell and for decoration.


Rosemary can be started from cuttings. Keep the cuttings in a soilless liquid mixture until the roots are formed, then move to a planter suited for indoor use. Set the planter in a southern facing window for best results. This herb is used for medicinal purposes such as high blood pressure and for aromatherapy.

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