Vegetables That Don't Require a Lot of Sun to Grow

In urban gardens where space and conditions are limited, choosing the right plants for your growing area can greatly increase your success. A common problem in urban gardening is a lack of all-day sun. Many vegetables grow well in low sunlight and will thrive in a garden under those conditions. Explore vegetable varieties that grow well without a lot of sun.


Garlic is an easy-to-grow vegetable that takes little sun and can be grown in cold areas. Softneck garlic, the variety from which garlic braids are made, is easier to grow than hardneck garlic, and softneck garlic lasts longer in storage.


Broccoli grows well in the shade but requires a lot of space. According to Vegetable Gardening, broccoli grows best with 12 to 18 inches between plants and temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees F.


Mint is a popular garden vegetable that not require much sun. Mint is a hardy plant that grows quickly in well-ventilated soil. Popular varieties include peppermint and spearmint.


Spinach is tolerant to cold temperatures and low light, so it grows well in places that don't get a lot of sun. Spinach grows best when planted 4 inches apart, and prefers temperatures under 75 degrees F.

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