How to Trim the Lawn With a Weed Whacker


After you mow the lawn, if you look carefully, you'll notice the mower fails to reach into the small areas and perimeters around your yard's landscaping features. For a neatly manicured lawn, you must trim those areas with a weed whacker after you mow. A weed whacker (or weed eater) is a hand-held electric or gas-powered tool with a spinning line underneath that cuts grass in small spaces.

Step 1

Prepare the weed whacker. If it is electric, use an outdoor extension cord and plug into the closest outlet. If the weed whacker is gas-powered, fill it according to the directions in the user's manual.

Step 2

Hold the weed whacker by the handles with both hands so you have a comfortable and sturdy grip.

Step 3

Position the bottom at a 30-degree angle to the ground. Squeeze the trigger to start the weed whacker. Start well above the ground so that when the nylon line begins rotating, you will not accidentally trim the grass too short.

Step 4

Lower the weed whacker slowly over the grass, moving it back and forth to trim it off at a height that is even with the rest of the mowed grass. Continue back and forth until the grass in the small area or perimeter is even with the rest of your lawn.

Step 5

Move to other areas to trim them using the same technique. Continue until you have a neatly manicured lawn.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear goggles over your eyes, shoes with enclosed toes, long pants and long sleeves when you use a weed whacker. As the nylon line spins underneath the weed whacker, it often throws debris into the air unexpectedly. Avoid gravel and rocky areas for this reason.

Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection
  • Protective clothing
  • Weed whacker


  • Grass Tools: Weed Eater
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