Easy Ways to Grow Vegetables When Living in an Apartment

Living in an apartment doesn't eliminate the possibility of growing your own vegetables. There are several viable options for apartment vegetable growing depending on the available space and resources. A little creativity with your apartment vegetable garden pays off when you enjoy fresh, homegrown vegetables.

Patio Container Garden

If your apartment has a patio or deck that receives direct sunlight, a container garden is a simple option. Many vegetables grow well in containers. You'll also find dwarf or patio versions of many vegetables that are particularly suitable for container gardens. Watch the container vegetables closely to ensure they have enough water. Also consider your downstairs neighbors if you're on a top floor. Make sure the water doesn't leak down on their patio or deck when you water the vegetables.

Window Gardens

A window ledge that receives plenty of direct sunlight is an ideal location for an indoor vegetable garden. While you can't grow anything too large, smaller vegetables will thrive in a container in the window. Choose several small pots or one long container for the vegetables. If your landlord approves it, consider building shelves across the window for additional vegetable growing space.

Indoor Greenhouse

Indoor greenhouses allow you to grow vegetables in an apartment year-round. You'll find indoor greenhouse kits at many plant nurseries and home improvement stores. The small structures generally include shelves and covers. You can also add grow lights to the greenhouses to provide the light needed for plant growth. The small size and portability of the indoor greenhouses makes them a flexible growing option. This option is ideal if you don't have a lot of windows that let in direct sunlight.

Community Garden

Ask your landlord if you can start a community garden on the apartment grounds. Get the neighbors in the other apartments to pitch in on the planting and maintenance of the community vegetable garden in exchange for a portion of the vegetables. An ideal location for the community garden would be one in a courtyard or otherwise less visible from the road. This prevents others from taking the vegetables. You'll also want a location that receives plenty of sunlight.

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