Ideas for Landscaping the Backyard

A backyard can be a sanctuary for solitary contemplation, a spot to entertain friends and family, a workshop to perfect your craft as a gardener or all three. Whether you prefer a dense, overgrown miniature wilderness, a sparse and groomed homage to nature governed by order or a festive floral display, erupting anew in every season, your backyard provides you the chance to pursue your own vision of a beautiful landscape.

Natural Privacy Screens

When people crave privacy and solitude in a backyard garden, they often turn to fences. Even the best decorative wooden fences, however, don't have the vibrant beauty of plants. Why not create a natural privacy fence instead? Evergreen shrubs such as boxwoods or a row of evergreen trees won't drop their leaves in the winter, ensuring a solid privacy screen all year. If you generally only use your backyard during the winter, consider setting up a bamboo grove or growing flowering deciduous shrubs to give you a beautiful summer shelter.

Backyard Waterfall

Few things so quickly soothe the soul as the burbling of gently flowing water. Installing a backyard waterfall is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard garden. For an ambitious garden landscaping project, you could build a winding stream around a small backyard garden as a border. If you aren't up for serious backyard landscaping, just install a pre-built water fountain.

Rock Labyrinth

Although many of the more famous labyrinths are mazes of towering hedges or stone walls, a labyrinth need not be large, tall, or difficult to build. A rock labyrinth is a great decorative design and a tool for meditation or contemplation that will easily fit into your backyard landscaping plans. Lay out rocks, plants or other elements to create a simple maze with a set path--an ideal setting for strolling around and clearing your mind.

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