How to Harvest Ginger Root


Many uses exist for ginger root in the kitchen. Not only can you make a delicious hot or cold tea with grated ginger root, but also, many cooks enjoy adding ginger root to both baked items and savory dishes. When you plant a ginger root in your garden, it will grow easily into a large plant with attractive foliage. Wait at least five months before you harvest ginger root.

Step 1

Harvest small pieces of the outermost ginger root as early as 4 months after planting your ginger. Use your hands to remove the roots growing on the outside edges of the ginger clump carefully. Try not to disturb the other portions of the ginger root clump as you remove these small portions of root.

Step 2

Remove the entire ginger plant after 8-10 months of growth. Watch the ginger plant for signs the roots are ready for harvest. When you notice the leaves begin to wilt and die, harvest the ginger.

Step 3

Use your hands to break up the root clumps. As you break up the clumps, choose several roots with eyes (growth buds) because these roots are ideal for replanting. Replant these roots immediately if you desire by placing them beneath approximately 4 inches of soil with the eyes facing up. Take the remaining ginger roots into the kitchen.

Step 4

Peel the outer skins of the ginger roots. Chop or grate the ginger for use in your favorite recipes.

Things You'll Need

  • Ginger plant
  • Trowel
  • Paring knife


  • Tropical Permaculture: Ginger Root
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