How to Space Viburnum Hedges


When gardeners search for the ideal hedge in a landscape, one of the many varieties of Viburnum hedges often fit in well to a growing area. Because there are many different kinds of Viburnum hedges and they vary in size, the spacing between these hedges will vary as well. Determine the mature size of your Viburnum hedges before planting to enable you to space these hedges properly.

Step 1

Determine the mature size of your Viburnum hedges before you purchase them. Whether you purchase the hedges at a local nursery or by mail order, ensure you know how tall and wide you can expect them to grow as mature hedges.

Step 2

Space a medium size Viburnum hedge (mature height of between 6 and 8 feet) approximately 2 to 4 feet apart. This will create an informal hedge with each hedge being an individually growing hedge. If you wish your medium size Viburnum hedges to grow into a more dense, formal hedge, space them 1 to 2 feet apart.

Step 3

Space a large size Viburnum hedge (mature height of between 8 and 12 feet) between 4 and 6 feet apart to create an informal hedge. Space them 3 to 4 feet apart if you wish to grow your large size Viburnum hedges into a formal hedge.

Step 4

Dig holes for each hedge that are the same depth as the roots of the hedge and approximately twice as wide. Space the holes according to the recommendations contained in steps 2-3.

Step 5

Add 1 to 2 inches of compost to the bottom of the holes if your soil is poor quality. If your soil is average or high quality, do not add compost.

Step 6

Place each hedge in a prepared hole and fill the hole halfway with soil. Water the half-planted hedges thoroughly and wait while the water absorbs. Continue filling the holes with soil until the soil is even with the surrounding soil level. Tamp down the soil around the hedges firmly with your hands.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Shovel
  • Compost (optional)


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