How to Groom Snapdragons


Snapdragons, known botanically as Antirrhinum majus, are perennial flowering plants widely used in garden beds and borders and in the cut flower trade. Snapdragons produce multiple florets atop tall, slim, green stems with small clusters of leaves. The florets bloom in a cascade from the bottom up, and the lower florets can fade before the higher florets open, making the flowers look untidy. Grooming can be done on cut flowers and those growing in the garden with a few quick snips.

Step 1

Clean snapdragons for use in cut flower arrangements by trimming any leaves that will fall below the vase water line with small scissors or by pinching them off with the nail of your thumb or forefinger. Remove any dead or damaged florets using the same technique before recutting the bottom of the stem and placing into water immediately.

Step 2

Groom snapdragons growing in garden beds by removing the dying florets as they fade throughout the growing season. Discard or compost the trimmings. Leave the foliage in place unless it yellows or dies back, and then snip it off as well.

Step 3

Cut back the snapdragon bloom stalk down to the crown of the plant after each floret on the stem has opened and faded. Allow the dying flower heads to remain in place until early spring if you wish to allow them to go to seed and self-sow into the soil. Clear away any plant tops that have been left to overwinter in spring to make way for new growth.

Things You'll Need

  • Small manicure or hair-cutting scissors


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