Low Maintenance Potted Flowers

Some people are hesitant to take care of plants because they worry about the work involved. They fear that they may hurt or kill the plants if neglected. Choosing low-maintenance flowers is one way to enjoy beautiful blooms in containers, without the hassle of too much tending. A plethora of choices for easy-care potted flowers is available in the market today. Choose the right type of flowers that will work best for your container garden.

Sedum "Autumn Joy" (Stonecrop)

Sedum "Autumn Joy," commonly known as Stonecrop, is an adaptable plant that produces flowers from August to November in zones 3 to 11. The long-blooming flowers start as pink and then mature into copper. When planted in pots outdoors, sedum will attract butterflies. It grows moderately in clumps up to 3 feet high by 3 feet wide. Sedum prefers moderately fertile, moist soil in full sun to part shade, but can adapt to drier conditions. It is trouble-free; however, watch for mealybugs, scale insects, slugs, snails and deer. Surrounding sedum with a wire-mesh or fence will keep deer away.

Prayer Plant (Marantaceae)

Marantaceae, commonly called "Prayer Plant," are flowering indoor plants that have large green leaves with intricately detailed markings in shades of white and pink. The broad leaves fold upward at night, hence the common name. The prayer plant thrives in low to average light conditions and can last for one week to 10 days without watering. The small white flowers have purple spots and bloom from spring to summer. The prayer plant needs full shade and warm temperatures. Planting in a well-drained soil in a shallow container is ideal for the prayer plant because of its shallow root system. Trimming at least twice a year can help keep the plant growing vigorously.


Peonies are herbaceous perennials that produce large, often fragrant flowers. Blooming in late spring to early summer, peonies come in shades of red to white or yellow. Native to Asia, southern Europe and western North America, peonies are hardy flowering plants that need little care and live through severe winters. Once established in a garden, peonies bloom each spring for many years. Clumps of peonies are reasonably free from maintenance problems. Peonies are common ornamental plants due to their very large, often scented cut flowers. Peonies grow in zones 3 through 8. Growing under full sun will turn peonies' leaves from green to burgundy in just one week. Avoid cutting flowers while still young. Waiting until peonies fully mature prior to cutting the flowers will ensure abundant growth. Peonies are very drought-tolerant, especially once established.

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