Landscape Ideas for Backyard Entertaining

Create a relaxing outdoor living space to use for backyard entertaining. When entertaining friends and family, it's essential to create a dining area with a sturdy outdoor patio set. Use soft and colorful stone pebbles as the base of the patio or lounging area for guests. Essentials like warm lighting and accent tables warm up a backyard space. Lanterns filled with small tea lights and placed around the landscape and dining table provide a soft and inviting glow. At night the flickering candles help to create an intimate backyard space.

Stone Patio

Set the scene in your backyard landscape with a stone patio. Stone patios made with slate or flagstone are easy to clean and maintain and look striking in an outdoor space. The gray colors found in slate contrast with colorful flowers and foliage. Stone patios also can be installed in any size backyard to create an inviting feel. For added contrast to the stone, plant a few creeping plants along the patio such as blue star creeper or moss. Both with their striking colors define the patio space to create lush edging along the backyard. Over the stones, nestle an outdoor patio set to use for backyard entertaining. Bring in extra chairs to use to create intimate seating areas in the yard.

Tall Hedges

Create a private, intimate space for backyard entertaining by growing tall hedges. Hedges work well planted along an open side of the backyard to create a backyard oasis. Hedges like boxwood, ficus and laurel have dense foliage that grows tall and wide for a live green wall. Hedges easily can be pruned back and shaped. For small spaces, keep the hedge pruned back to open up the backyard but still provide an intimate area for entertaining. Grow plants in shades of green to complement the hedge and tie the backyard space together.

Fire Pit

After an outdoor dinner party, move guests around an inviting and cozy fire pit. Nestle the fire pit along a stone or brick patio to create an intimate area for entertaining. Fire pits come in a wide range of types including a chiminea, a freestanding fire pit that has a miniature chimney shape. Fire bowls have a metal grate top that is easy to move to create a fire-lit space. Fire pits are fun for roasting marshmallows with friends or relaxing fireside. To create a miniature fireside, arrange Adirondack chairs or outdoor seating around the fire pit. As dusk sets, guests will meander over to the cozy confines of the fire pit.

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