Ornamental Grasses for Dallas

Ornamental grasses make great additions to Dallas gardens or landscapes. Better yet, for the least maintenance, choose drought tolerant grasses or native ornamental grasses. These types of grasses require minimal water and maintenance, making them very suitable for this climate. Plus, they come in a variety of heights and colors, adding visual interest and texture to your garden without much worry once you've planted them.

Panicum Dallas Blues

Blooming in late summer, this native ornamental grass grows up to six feet tall. Sporting wide, steel-blue foliage and large purple-tinged flower spikes, this plant works well when you want to create a bold statement in your garden. This plant requires full sun and grows very well in poor soil and dry conditions, requiring little water even in heavy drought conditions. Best yet, when the rest of your garden starts to look rather wilted in late summer, this grass is just starting to bloom.

Pennisetum Karley Rose Smith

If you want blooms all summer long, this beautiful grass does just that. Featuring rose-pink blooms on plants that reach up to 60 inches tall, this ornamental grass thrives in Dallas' long summer growing period. This grass is perfect for areas of your garden that may wilt or go dormant in the hot sun since this plant will still be putting on a show. For the most part, this plant is low-maintenance, requiring full to partial sun, well-drained soil and some watering every few weeks.

Dwarf Pampas Grass

The area's mild winters make hardy dwarf pampas grass a great choice for year-round gardens. In mid-summer, large, fluffy plumes of white flowers bloom on the top of 60 inch plants. The blooms last at least 10 weeks, providing visual interest well into fall. Best yet, leave the blooms uncut for the winter so you can enjoy the texture they add to your garden during cooler months. Perfect for hot summer gardens, this low maintenance plant thrives in drought conditions as long as you plant it in full sun and well-drained soil. Cut the flower heads back in the early spring to start the growing process again.

Blue Grama

This fine-textured native grass forms tight clumps up to two feet high with flowers that look like wheat-colored crescent moons dancing in the wind. The flowers appear on the ends of long stems from late spring through summer, giving gardens added texture without requiring much watering. Perfect for rock gardens, this low-maintenance grass thrives in full sun, requiring watering only when first planted.

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