Inexpensive Ideas for Pew Flowers

Pew flowers are an important decorative element for any church wedding. As the florist's bill mounts, many brides look for creative ways to cut back. Pew flowers are one piece of wedding decor that can be crafted easily and inexpensively by the bride or friends and family members.

Floral Pew Bow

Rather than hiring an expensive florist to design your pew bows, pick up a few supplies from your local craft store and make elegant floral pew bows yourself. Select one or two large flowers to serve as the focal point of the decoration. Stick a few sprays of baby's breath or another smaller flower in to fill out the arrangement. Secure the small bouquet with floral tape. Attach a pew clip to the back of the arrangement with more floral tape. Glue a large silk or ribbon bow to the front of the piece with a hot glue gun to hide the floral tape and clip. Either real or silk flowers work for this project.

Hanging Flower Pot

Purchase several small plastic flower pots and fill each one with a flowering plant or arrangement of large flowers. Cover the outside of the flower pot with gift wrap, tissue paper, cellophane or cardstock. Include a sticker or emblem with the couple's names and the wedding date. Make sure that the covering is firmly glued to the pot as it will be hanging; a paper cover that is not fastened correctly may slip off. Punch two holes in opposite sides of the flower pot and attach a thick ribbon. Tie or glue this ribbon to a pew clip and hang the flower pots from the pews. After the ceremony, these decorations can be collected and used again as centerpieces at the reception.

Floral Cones

Purchase a selection of silk flowers to decorate the pews. Cut the stems to the desired length and firmly stick each flower arrangement into a Styrofoam cone. The flowers may need to be inserted one at a time, but you should keep a general idea of the arrangement you want for the finished piece to make sure you insert the flowers in the correct places. Wrap the finished cone in decorative archival paper and secure with glue. Wrap a ribbon around the cone and secure with a small knot at the back. Leave enough extra ribbon to hang the flower cone from the pew.

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