How to Get Plumeria Seeds


Although they are exotic, seeds from the plumeria tree are relatively easy to get. Your local nurseries and garden centers may be able to order them for you if they do not already carry them. The growth of Internet commerce has likewise assured a steady stream of exotic plant seed vendors. Some paper catalogs may carry plumeria seeds that can be purchased by mail.

Step 1

Call local nurseries and garden centers to see if they stock plumeria seeds. The likelihood of this is considerably increased if you live in a warmer climate, as plumeria are tropical plants originally native to the climates of Mexico and Laos.

Step 2

Ask your local nursery or garden center to order plumeria seeds for you. They may be willing to do a special order particularly if you are a frequent customer. They also may have different varieties or better prices than you might find online or in catalogs. With so many varieties of plumeria, it pays to explore all your options.

Step 3

Search specialist websites such as Kartuz Greenhouses and Maui Plumeria Gardens. With internet commerce becoming more and more widespread, it is a wonderful opportunity to expand your horticultural horizons. Exotic seed vendors realize this, and many have set up shop online, where you can browse through photo after photo of beautiful plant photos before deciding what seeds to buy.

Step 4

Consult seed and plant catalogs that may come your way in the mail. If gardening is your hobby, you may find yourself on mailing lists for which you do not recall signing up. Use this to your advantage and explore the random seed catalogs to see if plumeria seeds have found their way into the listings.

Tips and Warnings

  • While plumeria plants are blooming, water them regularly. When they become dormant, however, stop watering and do not water until you see them start to rouse from dormancy. Winters and overwatering are sure ways to kill plumeria.

Things You'll Need

  • Phonebook
  • Phone
  • Seed catalogs (optional)


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