How to Get Rid of Ticks in a Yard


Ticks do not travel a great distance and can be very difficult to eliminate from the yard. In most cases, these bloodsuckers travel on hosts into your space. Squirrels and other rodents, along with night creatures such as possums and raccoons, carry these small pests on their bodies. Not all ticks carry diseases, but it is wiser to be safe than sorry.

Step 1

Install small-diameter fencing in areas around your yard to keep out unwanted animals. Ticks like all conditions, from full sunlight to cool dampness. Erect barricades for your pets to keep them from congregating in areas that where the ticks are more likely to jump on board. This may include under steps and porches and other areas of heavy cover such as shrubs and dense trees.

Step 2

Collect some of the ticks in a sealed jar that has rubbing alcohol in the bottom. Take this jar to your local agricultural extension service or health department for identification. They may have recommendations as to the correct tick granule or spray to use. Different tick species may require different chemicals for the eradication and control of the tick.

Step 3

Read all instructions and warnings on the tick granule packaging. Tick granules are easy to apply and generally require that some form of moisture be placed on the soil after the application. You may wish to wait and spread the granules prior to an expected rain. You can also water the granules into the grass with a garden hose.

Step 4

Apply the granules to the lawn. In many cases, you may have to apply the granules a few times over the summer months during the tick season. This may be especially true when the summer brings the hottest and driest months of the year. This seems to be the peak of tick season.

Things You'll Need

  • Small-diameter fencing
  • Tick granules
  • Granule spreader
  • Garden hose (optional)


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