Outdoor Garden Projects

Transform your outdoor space into your very own retreat. Adding colorful annual and perennial flowers instantly brightens up the landscape for an updated look to the garden. Embark on garden projects that the family can enjoy like building your own stepping stone path. Paths are an inviting touch to the landscape and force you to slow down to watch the garden grow. Other outdoor niches to create like private patios bring you outdoors to enjoy the landscape.

Garden Path

Garden paths nestled within the landscape are an ideal way to connect areas of the landscape together. They are the perfect resting spot while gardening. Garden paths can be created with a wide range of materials like slate, mulch and brick. A long lasting and hardy stone to use for a garden path is flagstone. Flagstone is neutral in color and blends in with the landscape for a seamless and subtle design. If using the path to maneuver through a flower or vegetable garden, make sure the space is large enough for garden equipment like wheelbarrows. At least 3 feet wide is ideal. In between the flagstones, plant a creeping vine like sedum or thyme. These vibrant ground covers meander around the stones and provide contrast to the garden path. When walking by, the sweet scent of thyme permeates the garden for fragrant scent.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are a fun garden project for the entire family. You don't need a lot of space when planting a garden, making a veggie patch accessible for everyone. When choosing the vegetables for the garden, think about the amount of space each vegetable requires as well as the season, warm or cool. Cool-season vegetables like lettuces and greens are ideal tucked into the soil side by side for a lush and vibrant design. Warm-season plants like tomatoes, zucchini and squash require more room because of their trailing ability. The vines of the zucchini and squash creep around the space to produce large vegetables. Space these creepers farther apart in the garden to ensure enough space for each plant. Alternatively, if you don't have a lot of room, plant warm- and cool-season vegetables in containers. Containers don't take up as much space as a larger garden plot but allow you to grow delicious edibles. Once planted inside the containers, let the vines drape over for a flowing effect.

Garden Pergola

Outdoor pergolas create the perfect spot for outdoor dining and living. Nestled within the garden, they provide a cozy respite after a long day. Under the pergola, add an outdoor patio set to use for evening meals or relaxing with the Sunday Times. For a shaded pergola retreat, plants flowering vines at the base of each post to grow up and over the space to create a green roof. Fast-growing vines like wisteria, grapevines and morning glories have the pergola covered in no time. Their bright blooms drape over the pergola for a stunning focal point to the landscape. For added color around the pergola, plant perennial flowers in containers to nestle around the pergola patio for bright bursts of color.

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