How to Arrange Flowers With Floral Plinths


A plinth is a platform on which another item can be placed for display. Plinths may be used to showcase artwork such as a bust, or a vase of flowers. Although a plinth is simply a base on which to set a flower arrangement, consider it an element in your floral design. The right plinth and floral arrangement can complement each other and complete the overall appearance of your design.

Step 1

Design your floral arrangement before you begin to arrange it. Maintain a sense of balance. Factor in the size of your plinth into the overall size of your floral arrangement. If the arrangement is too small for the plinth, the plinth will dwarf the arrangement and draw attention away from the flowers. If the arrangement is too large, it may look as if it could fall off of the plinth.

Step 2

Select a flower urn and flowers that do not clash with the color of the plinth. This creates a harmonious appearance in the design.

Step 3

Determine where you would like the focus of the arrangement to rest. If your focus is on the floral arrangement, choose bright, vivid flowers and a white or neutral vase and plinth. If you want to emphasize the plinth, choose a louder-colored plinth and neutral flowers.

Step 4

Select flowers that match the architectural features of your plinth to create unity in your arrangement. For example, if your plinth has Greco-Roman columns, select roses, grape leaves or other plants favored in Ancient Rome. Choose an art deco plinth to blend harmoniously with lotus or other Egyptian blossoms.

Step 5

Arrange the flowers to create a visually-pleasing shape. For example, a fan-shaped arrangement of flowers that sit atop a large plinth will mimic the appearance of a flower opening on a stem. It will also create a visual line that draws the eye directly to the flowers at the top of the bouquet.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Flowers


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