How to Press a Flower


Flowers are lovely but ephemeral. Even the brightest floral bloom will slowly die off within a few days to a few weeks. If you want to preserve flowers, you will need to catch them at the height of their beauty. You do not need a flower press or any other special equipment to press flowers into keepsakes you can treasure for years.

Step 1

Harvest the flower early in its blooming period. This is the best time to press flowers, since they are at their most vibrant and healthy. Wait until the flower opens as far as you want it to, then cut it off, along with any part of the stem you want to preserve. Use sharp scissors.

Step 2

Place the flower carefully between two sheets of plain, white paper immediately after you pick it. Make sure that it is placed so that no leaves overlap with the flower. These sheets are the inner layer of your flower press.

Step 3

Place the flower, along with the sheets, in the middle of a large book, such as a dictionary. Carefully close the dictionary, pressing the flower between the sheets.

Step 4

Place bricks or a second book on top of the book and leave it sitting for three days. Open it. Your flower is now pressed.

Things You'll Need

  • White paper
  • Book
  • Bricks


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