Colors for Spring Bulbs

Think spring and the colors that pop to mind are pink, yellow and purple. Spring bulbs come in those colors, of course, but many more as well. Spring bulbs pop up even before the snow melts in some areas of the country. The first to bloom are snowdrops and crocus, progressing to daffodils and finishing with tulips. From January to May, spring bulbs put on their best colors.


Snowdrops are tiny, only about 6 inches high with very small blooms to match. Seventy-five different species exist, but all are white, or off-white and green. The flowers look like daffodils but are pointed downwards. Some are double flowers. In some areas of the country, snowdrops have been known to bloom all winter, even through snow and freezing temperatures.


Next on the calendar to bloom are crocuses, cup-shaped flowers about an inch long in yellow, purple, dark purple and white with yellow stamens. Some flowers are streaked with a contrasting color. The leaves are sword-shaped. Plants are 5 to 6 inches high and don't have much scent.


Blooming from early March until late April, daffodils are primarily yellow. The yellow ranges from almost white and pale cream, to butter yellow and orange-yellow. A pink daffodil variety exists, but it's a peachy-pink, light hue, not a true bright pink. The trumpet of the daffodil may be a darker or lighter color than the surrounding petals. Daffodils come in several sizes (both the plants and the blossoms). They do have a pleasant scent but other than the white narcissus variety, it's not very strong.


Heralding spring in April and May, the tulip is one of the most popular and profilic spring flowers, coming in nearly every color of the rainbow. Three inner petals are surrounded by three outer petals in a cup shape. Tulips grow from 10 to 18 inches tall. Interestingly, tulips are one of the few flowers whose stem continues to grow when it's used as a cut flower. Besides traditional spring colors, tulips bloom in orange, red, burgundy and very dark purple--almost black. True blue is the only color not appearing on the tulip's color scale.


If tulips are the flower of spring, hyacinths are an iconic scent of the season, with a strong floral fragrance. The blossoms are trumpet-shaped ending in a star shape. Many blossoms form along one upright stem. Colors include white, yellow, dark pink, light pink and purple.

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