How to Change Tires on a Lawn Tractor


Like cars, most lawn tractors use tires pressurized with air. As you drive the lawn tractor on your lawn and on pavement, the tires will begin to wear down. Lawn tractors with worn tires can become damaged if the tire fails, and the loss of traction result in injury. Eventually, you will have to change tires on a lawn tractor. It's easier than changing tires on a car because the lawn tractor isn't as massive and the tires are easier to remove.

Step 1

Drive the lawn tractor to a smooth, level surface and turn it off. Put wood blocking behind the tires you are not changing to prevent the lawn tractor from rolling.

Step 2

Place a jack underneath the frame of the lawn tractor near the tire you want to change. Jack the lawn tractor up until the tire is a few inches off the ground.

Step 3

Remove the black rubber boot covering the spindle of the lawn tractor tire. Pliers work great for this and gentle pressure is usually all it takes to remove the boot.

Step 4

Remove the C clip that holds the tire on the spindle, using a flat-head screwdriver. It should remove easily with gentle prying pressure.

Step 5

Pull the tire off the lawn tractor and put the new one on. Put the C clip back and use the flat-head screwdriver to push it back into place. Put the black boot back on over the spindle by stretching it over the spindle and pushing it into place.

Step 6

Lower the jack to allow the lawn tractor to settle back on the ground and remove the wood blocking from around the tires.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood blocking
  • Jack
  • Pliers
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Ratcheting wrench


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