How to Plant Grape Cuttings


Planting grapes from cuttings provides a much faster way to propagate grapes than planting them from seed, and it's far simpler than scouring local nurseries for potted grape plants. But planting grape cuttings requires more than a little know-how, including what section of the grape plant to cut, how long the cutting should be and how to care for the cutting once it is in the ground.

Step 1

Clip sections of canes of healthy vines during their dormant period, between late fall and early spring. According to the University of Minnesota Extension, cuttings should be three nodes long, with the bottom cut just below the lowest bud or node and the upper cut an inch above the highest bud or node. Make the cuts at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2

Stick the cutting into the ground, with the second middle bud at soil level. Spread a layer of top soil around the cutting. Plant the cuttings in an area where they do not receive direct sun.

Step 3

Water thoroughly and keep moist. Cuttings will root more quickly in a humid environment. A good rule of thumb is to water 1 inch or more a week until the shoots reach a height of 6 inches.

Step 4

Feed the shoots weekly after they reach a height of 6 inches, using either fish emulsion fertilizer or a liquid chemical fertilizer. A 16-16-16 fertilizer is preferred.

Step 5

Stop fertilizing in the middle of summer and, in areas with four distinct seasons, reduce or stop watering in late summer so the vine hardens before the first frost.

Things You'll Need

  • Clippers
  • Grape vine
  • Top soil


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