How to Pick Peach Trees


Growing peach trees as an ornamental plant in your garden or for fresh fruit provides a cherished pastime. Ripe peaches taste all the more delicious after having watched the tree grow over the years. To successfully grow a peach tree, pick the right kind of tree for your area and purposes. There are dozens of varieties to choose from and a wealth of knowledge at your local nursery. Start by contacting other local peach growers to see what species have worked for them in your area.

Step 1

Choose a variety of tree well-suited to your area. Peach trees require a certain number of hours of winter temperatures before breaking dormancy. Trees accustomed to shorter winters may bloom too early and lose their fruit to frost. Check with a local nursery for the best regional varieties.

Step 2

Consider what type of fruit best suits your purposes. Medium-size July Elberta peaches are great for freezing and canning. Large and juicy Redhaven peaches, on the other hand, are best when consumed straight off the tree.

Step 3

Choose types with different harvest periods when planting multiple trees. Plant Springcrest peaches alongside Gemfree, Loring and Biscoe peaches for ripe fruit from early July to September.

Step 4

Plant heirloom peach varieties, such as the Crawford Peach, for a low-maintenance fruit crop. Hardy heirloom peaches have formed resistance to disease over many generations and developed natural protection against insects.


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